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We set out to prove that managers don’t matter. We found not only are managers a critical component to corporate structure — but that good managers increased job satisfaction, retention and employment within their groups
— Google

Management is becoming a forgotten art. In its place has emerged 'leadership' which has promised to solve all our organisational problems. The problem is it can't, it won't and it hasn't. We term this wave 'LeadershiT' and our mission is to expose it and banish it to history. It's based on the fantasy that developing leaders can happen overnight, or after a five day transformational leadership course. It can't, it won't and it hasn't. It's a flawed concept. Would you like to be operated on by a surgeon or flown by a pilot if they've only had a five day course? 

"Good-enough" managers are those wonderful people that leave a positive and indelible imprint on ourselves as people. They have developed an understanding of the social bonds that influence human behaviour and can connect with people in way that is mutually beneficial. We help people release the "good-enough" manager inside. There's no short cut and the sooner you, and they, get on the path, the sooner they'll start to make a difference to your organisation, everyone around them and, importantly, themselves.

The "I want to feel more Comfortable in my Managerial Skin" workshops

Managers not Leaders

This workshop will change the way you understand managers and management and its importance. The workshop is between four and eight hours (what works for you) where Andrew and Roger expose the current leadership industry to scrutiny and debate. Their goal is to get the people in your organisation back on the path to being the kind of manager your organisation needs and the sort of manager they want to be. The manager people look up to, admire and aspire to be. 

Your managers will:-

  • Understand the illogical proposition that the Leadership (what we refer to as LeadershiT) industry makes
  • The importance of understanding management from "the other side" 
  • What actions you can take to regain the art of management
  • Understand why this will improve your company from the inside out
  • Feel more comfortable in your managerial skin.

Managerial Therapy Workshop

Business coaches are in vogue but they primarily deal with improving skills and thus only attend to half, if that, of what a manager needs to feel and be truly effective.

Therapy skills mix.png

Internationally the role of therapy in effective management development has been recognised for decades but it has been missed within a new Zealand context. This workshop is focused on allowing your managers to understand the full dynamics of being an effective manager and how both a skills focus and therapeutic focus can improve both management and your managers.

Your managers will:-

  • Understand the full dynamics of management
  • Improve the quality of management

  • Improve team culture

  • Feel more comfortable in your managerial skin.



This workshop is suitable for all managers and will enhance you and your organisations capability. The time can be tailored for your organisation but 4 hours is recommended.

Cost per participant is negotiable and depends on what you are trying to achieve
and for how many! You will save thousands on training in the future, you will see "leadership" in a whole new light! 

The capability of your managers determines the capability of your organisation