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The Team



Organisational Sociologist

Andrew’s research uses psychoanalytic and psychosocial theory to explore organisations and management. He is published internationally in highly rated and respected journals – mainly in the fields of management education, public health policy and psychoanalytic theory. Andrew sits on the executive committees of several national bodies in New Zealand in the fields of health and psychoanalysis, and is on the international advisory committee for the journal Critical Public Health. He also reviews regularly for several leading international management journals. Andrew also works as an executive/managerial ‘coach’ specialising in using sociologic and psychoanalytic theory to help practising managers feel more comfortable in their managerial skin.




Organisational Strategist

Roger has recently completed his PhD in strategic management using responsive interviewing to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of strategists. Rather than progressing down an academic path, his PhD compliments his experience as a consultant as he seeks to make a difference in the way in which organisations practice management and strategy. His roles have allowed him unique access to the business world from the board room to the coal face and he particularly enjoys the opportunity to help the current and future generation of managers.

He is also of The Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy, a book that takes a humerous look at parenting in "the real world".

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