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Have you experienced LeadershiT? Want to add your story? 

We would be delighted for you to contribute your story of LeadershiT. If appropriate (editors prerogative) your contribution will be added to the web site and may be included in the upcoming book. If it is included in the book then you will become eligible for small piece of the action in regards to net profit. Basically 20% of the net profit (yes that's sadly after all the costs are deducted) will be put into a fund and will be distributed on a pro-rata basis to all contributing authors.  The final calculation details are yet to be finalised (we aren't putting the cart before the horse) but it will be likely on a per section basis.You're unlikely to get rich but, unfortunately, neither are we (though you never know)!

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Ideally this will be one of the sections that has yet to be written though we are certainly open to new signs of LeadershiT!
You can add your story here or just let us know what you are planning.